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A Tip for Oranizing Your Teaching Copy
of the Workbook for the Career Choices
Secondary Schools Program
A Tip for Organizing your Teaching copy of the Career Choices WorkbookZoom
Please select a grading resource from the list below.

Blank Success Curve Worksheet

Grading Checklists for Career Choices Activities

Vocabulary tests and answer keys

Vocabulary lists

Possible Final Exam for Career Choices® Activity Index

Sample Student 10-year Plan Summary from®

Career Choices Grading Form

Career Choices Discussion Questions

Career Choices Multiple Choice Questions

Career Choices Answer Key

Quantitative Assessments

Career Choices Reading Test from Roger Haserot

Career Choices Assignment Chart from Roger Haserot

Saving Freshmen Report from Roger Haserot

Sample Grading Rubric by Brenda Carr

Journal Writing Prompt 1 by Brenda Carr

Journal Writing Prompt 2 by Brenda Carr

Weekly Journal and Word of the Day by Kristen McReynolds