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Contained within this special section are a variety of resources to help you enliven your Career Choices classroom and assess your students' progress.

All Resources By Chapter
Chapters 1-2
Chapters 3-7
Chapters 8-12

Blank Success Curve Worksheet
Crossword Puzzles for practicing Career Choices vocabulary
Video Clip: Why NFL Players Need a 10-year Plan
Classroom Ideas that work
Job Application Worksheet
Movie Viewing Guides
Sample Career Research Paper Outline for Career Choices, pp. 150-155
Vocabulary Lists with Definitions
Egg Drop
Group Juggle
Motivational Song List
Occupation Bingo
"Visualizer" Activity
Crystal Ball from Sara Spanos
Camcorder captures students’ attitudinal changes from Madeline Noakes
Multi-media presentations build high-tech skills from Elizabeth Farris
Loan officer invited to class from Linda Wulf
Counselors become part of the class from Wendy Hanslovan

Buy-in Resources
Online Tool for collecting and reporting program data
How To make your own From Clueless to Focused documentary
Obtain Corporate Sponsorship for your course
Sample Student 10-year Plan Summary from®
Sample Parent Letter to generate support for your Career Choices course
Sample Parent Letter (Spanish version)
Sample Brochure Introducing Course to Parents -- Great for Back-to-School Night

Motivational Chapter Introductions
The Graduation PSA
Introduction to Career Choices
Chapter 1 - Envisioning Your Future
Chapter 2 - Your Personal Profile
Chapter 3 - Lifestyles of the Satisfied and Happy
Chapter 4 - What Cost This Lifestyle?
Chapter 5 - Your Ideal Career
Chapter 6 - Career Research
Chapter 7 - Decision Making
Chapter 8 - Setting Goals and Solving Problems
Chapter 9 - Avoiding Detours and Roadblocks
Chapter 10 - Attitude is Everything
Chapter 11 - Getting Experience
Chapter 12 - Where Do You Go From Here?
After Chapter 12 - Dain Blanton - Let's Recap Your Course
Who is Dain Blanton and why is he talking about Career Choices?

Creating a Medal-Winning Program
Hierarchy of Needs
Medal Program Rubric
Online Tool for collecting and reporting program data
Course Structure Options
Hybrid Course Overview

Assessment and Grading Tips for Your Career Choices Course
Getting Started with your course

Workshop Training Videos and Documentaries

Classroom Ideas That Work
Camcorder captures students’ attitudinal changes
Counselors become part of the class
“Future Scenarios” pulled from a hat
Loan officer invited to class
Multi-media presentations build high-tech skills
“Visualizers” add elements of fun

Career Choices Data Brief
Career Choices fact sheets for sponsors to review
Computer donation request letter
Online Tool for collecting and reporting program data
Sample press release for sponsors
Sample sponsor reply form
Sample sponsorship request letter and reply form
Suggested funding levels

Grading Resources
Blank Success Curve Worksheet
Grading Checklists for Career Choices Activities
Vocabulary tests and answer keys
Possible Final Exam for Career Choices® Activity Index
Career Choices Grading Form
Career Choices Discussion Questions
Career Choices Multiple Choice Questions
Career Choices Answer Key
Career Choices Reading Test from Roger Haserot
Career Choices Assignment Chart from Roger Haserot
Saving Freshmen Report from Roger Haserot

Lesson Planning Materials
45-hour   .PDF   .XLS
60-hour   .PDF   .XLS
90-hour   .PDF   .XLS
90-hour (including Possibilities) w/®   .PDF   .XLS
180hour: Integrated   .PDF   .XLS
180-hour: Integrated w/®   .PDF   .XLS
180-hour: Career Choices only   .PDF   .XLS
Chapter-by-Chapter Learning Objectives
Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans for a Successful Launch
Lesson Planning Strategies for a School-wide Initiative
Modified Special Ed Lesson Plans
Sample Course Syllabus
Semester Plan for 90-minute Block Schedule: Integrated   .PDF   .XLS
Senior Project Outline

Pre-Survey to be administered at the beginning of our course
Post-Survey to be administered at the end of your class