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Create a Medal - Winning Program
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Be Recognized as a Career Choices Medal School
We developed the following rubric to help you assess whether or not your Career Choices program is being developed and implemented in a way that will dramatically lower the dropout rate at your school and prepare all students for a self-sufficient adulthood.

Creating and sustaining a Career Choices program that impacts dropout rates in both high school and college requires time, resources and energy. The recommendations below detail the strategies and structure your program should contain in order to successfully change attitudes and change lives!

Sample College Resources Shared by Dr. Lauren Wintermeyer

College Course Outline

College Course Syllabus

College Semester Pacing Guide

Sample High School Resources

High School Course Outline shared by Lompoc USD

Sample Verbiage for A-G Approval Submission shared by Dr. Jennifer Ramos

A-G Course Approval Template

High School Semester Pacing Guide

10 Secrets of Success