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Your Guide to Developing a Grant Proposal
Your Guide to Developing a
Dropout Prevention Program that give your students A Reason to Learn
This is possible with a Freshman Transition program designed using the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes from George Washington University.

We've provided a sequential process below that will be helpful to you and your development team as you envision your model program. By following this roadmap, you'll save countless hours while, at the same time, developing a strategy that works.
If you currently have Career Choices at your school, this site will help your staff take their program to a new level. If you haven’t yet chosen the right tool for your dropout prevention efforts, you’ll want to look closely at Career Choices.

As you review these resources, please remember there is a big difference between a freshman orientation program and a true Freshman Transition effort. One is a short-term orientation, while the other is a freshman course partnered with follow-up strategies that touch students throughout high school. A comprehensive, long-term approach is necessary to truly impact dropout rates.
As you develop your program, you'll want to consider adopting the Career Choices curriculum for your Freshman Transition efforts, because it is:
  Arrow Proven
  Arrow Award-winning
  Arrow Motivational
  Arrow Academically-based with optional interdisciplinary texts for language arts and math
  Arrow And, it meets 95% of the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes
Whether you adopt Career Choices or something else, be sure to find a tool that meets the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes. Don't try to jury-rig something; this is far too important a task. If you launch your freshmen successfully, and they have quantitative 10-year plans by the end of their freshman year, they will understand the consequences of dropping out of school (both high school and college).
For additional information about the Career Choices materials or to request a 60-day review set, contact our main office:
    Tanja Easson, VP of Curriculum Support
    (800) 967-8016, ext. 307