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Unlike other online planning programs,® supports students with a decision-making coach rather than a computerized crutch. As students complete the Career Choices coursework and record their responses in®, the system saves and compiles the data so they can review, revise, and share their plans or easily produce a beautifully formatted 10-year Plan Portfolio report. This innovative advisory tool allows secure access for teachers, counselors, and advisors to review a student’s 10-year career and education plan so they are better able to provide personalized support, help students stay on track, and reinforce their academic and life goals.

Recommended Operational Models for a Career Choices Course Using® Interactive
Augment Career Choices with over 90 online lessons and demonstrate the power of the internet using real-life applications. Students learn to research careers, compare salaries, apply for financial aid, use various financial calculators, research college and training opportunities, and much more.
This correction tool allows students to check their personalized mathematical calculations from the Lifestyle Math workbook as they develop a budget for their desired lifestyle at age 29. Now students can have quick feedback on their work, an identified strategy for increasing math proficiency.
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