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Lead Teacher Workshop Sessions in Sequential Order

Curriculum Overview
1A The Key to Success for Dropout Prevention
1B Overview of the Career Choices Curriculum
1C Five Ingredients of a Successful Career Choices course
1D Career Choices: Why It Works
1E Who Am I: Chapters 1 – 2
1F What Do I Want: Chapters 3 – 7
1G How Do I Get It? Chapters 8 – 12
Curriculum Enhancements - Academic and Technology
2A Integrating Academics and Technology
2B Possibilities: Integrating Career Exploration into the English Classroom
2C Overview of®
Student and Program Assessment
3A How to Use Pre- and Post- Surveys to Assess Career Choices Impact
3B Chapter 12: The Take Home Final Exam Option
3C The Career Portfolio
Course Planning and Strategies
4A Making the Most of Your Instructor's Guide
4B Customized Lesson Plans Using Microsoft Excel
4C Strategies for Incorporating an Online Career Exploration Tool
Classroom Management
5A Tips and Ideas to Create an Involved Learner
5B Cooperative Learning and Teambuilding
5C Strategies for Active Learning
Using the Students' 10-Year Plans throughout High School to Impact Dropout Rates (High School and College)
6A The School-wide Initiative
6B Tips for Getting Buy-in From All Stakeholders