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pre-/post-survey tool

The motivation to learn and the understanding of why education is important are key indicators in predicting how well a student will do in school. Change reluctant learners’ attitudes about the value of education, and you’ll see grades rise, dropout rates decrease and test scores increase.

But how do you measure students’ attitudinal shifts? The pre and post survey for the Career Choices curriculum is a good place to start. Administered on the first day or two of class (before the content of Career Choices is started) and then again at the end of the course, the comparison of student responses will provide a measure of progress, both on an individual level and the overall success of your course.

Academic Innovations has created an electronic scoring tool to help you streamline this process. This tool, found below, was meant to be used by the instructor who must have his or her students take the survey by paper and pencil. *

Upon completion of the evaluation process, you’ll be able to generate a variety of reports that maps the progress your students are making toward valuing education, envisioning a productive future and developing realistic plans. This will be valuable if your Career Choices program is funded by an outside source that requires an evaluation component.

In addition, the reports will red flag students who may need more encouragement and individual support from counselors and advisors.

*If you are using®, you’ll find an enhanced version where the students take the surveys online, making the scoring even more streamlined. Click here to learn more.
Scoring tool for the
For details see the
following resource:
Instructor's Guide,
pages 6/12 to 6/15
What is the pre-/post-survey and how it is used?
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