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Self-Directed Professional Development
Made Easy and Available 24/7

While it would be wonderful if all staff members involved with the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program could attend workshops and conferences, we know that today, 24/7 availability of quality professional development is key to the success of your school-wide initiative. To that end, we've developed a variety of professional development options.

QUICK START STUDY GUIDES provide capacity building for your course instructors. Any new instructor, with four to eight hours of self-directed study, using the short videos, will have the information and the confidence to launch their classroom program.

ONE-HOUR PRESENTATIONS provide the Keynote/PowerPoint files and videos for a dynamic presentation with the goal of getting buy-in to the program from all your stakeholders: staff, parents, community, school board, and funders. Getting buy-in is vital to the success of any new program. These online resources do much of the work for you, so with little preparation, you can deliver a thought-provoking and comprehensive presentation in a short time frame.

is your online implementation guru. This tool helps your school team plan and implement the GFSF program with fidelity and, therefore, results. This will save you months of planning time. Because this site requires a password, you will need to contact your Educational Consultant at (800) 967-8016.
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