Career Choices

It’s like having a career counselor in a package!

It gently guides the reader through the process of making some of life’s most important decisions.
Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Ph.D.
Past President, National Career Development Association
Former Chair, Department of Counseling & Human Development,
The George Washington University (retired)
This completely web-based program synthesizes the data and responses from the nearly 100 activities and exercises into a quantitative, unique, and personalized 10-year Career and Life Plan along with a Skills-Based Education Plan, for acquiring the skills needed for your envisioned and desired career path. The learner will come back to this tool over and over again as they navigate their career path and lifestyle choices in the coming years.

Career Choices and Changes ONLINE is Unique

  • It provides a step-by-step workbook/journal format to help the learner discover for themselves the careers that will match their passions, lifestyle aspirations, skills, and aptitudes.

  • It promotes career exploration through questioning rather than through the didactic copy of traditional books and websites, empowering the user to consider and contemplate their own unique qualities and desires.

  • It introduces a process for career and lifestyle decision making that can be used over and over again, thereby empowering the user to productively navigate through a lifetime of workplace and personal change.

  • Combined with the® interactive format, the learner comes away with a comprehensive plan and portfolio to help chart their course for the lifelong learning that change necessitates.

Are you ready to:

  • find a career that matches your personality and lifestyle goals?
  • discover a path that will energize and challenge you?
  • develop a plan for getting the training or education you need quickly and efficiently?
  • be prepared for a career that will support you and your family?
Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, contemplating a midlife career change, or transitioning into a new life/career phase, Career Choices and Changes ONLINE will help you evaluate your skills, desires, and values and integrate them into a plan for realizing your dreams.

Start defining your future!

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Career Choices

Social entrepreneur Mindy Bingham founded Academic Innovations in 1990 to promote a unique, classroom- based, comprehensive guidance course for all entering freshmen. Today, her low-profit company works with hundreds of high schools and colleges across the country helping them prepare students for a self-sufficient future.

Over 200,000 students each year complete courses based on the Career Choices series and the Get Focused... Stay Focused!® Follow-Up Modules and manuals that Mindy has authored or co-authored. Her titles have sold over 2 million copies. She is the recipient of numerous national, regional, and local awards including a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Innovative Approaches to Curricula by the United States Congress.