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Academic Innovations' online professional development site for the Career Choices & Changes curriculum allows you to take advantage of a variety of professional development resources and opportunities at your own convenience.

As you know, Career Choices & Changes combined with My10yearplan.com® Interactive, either as a workbook and online tool or as a complete online learning system, is a unique interactive learning experience that teaches a process for making not only career choices, but also life choices. Students come away from this experience with a productive vision of their future and a quantitative and meaningful 10-year plan for realizing their goals that helps to provide the intrinsic motivation required to succeed in both post-secondary studies and in the workforce.

We recommend starting on this site by:
  1. Clicking Quick Start Checklist and reviewing, in order, the resources and suggestions found there. This step-by-step checklist contains "best practices" for how to plan and implement your course.
  2. Watching the webinar Start up Strategies by author Mindy Bingham for a more in-depth understanding of the curriculum.
Once you're ready to begin planning your course, you'll find lesson planning spreadsheets, course motivational videos for your students, the online Instructor’s GuideBlackboard course materials, and more listed in the sidebar.

In the Instructor Welcome Packet, you'll find a plethora of documents and resources that will make your job a lot easier and more rewarding. You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

You’ll want to be sure to take the time to orient yourself on all that is available. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the Academic Innovations Higher Ed Technical Support team at (800) 967-8016.