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Self-Paced Professional Development for Course Instructors
Important Planning and Implementation Information for College Instructors

Academic Innovations' online training videos give you access to quality professional development on your own time and at your own pace. From 3 to 10 minutes in length, these engaging videos allow you to quickly increase your capacity to deliver a high-quality course and follow-up advisory services.

Let’s start with the end in mind...

Students create two important planning documents in your course using Career Choices and Changes and My10yearPlan.com® Interactive:
  • a 10-year Plan, demonstrated on the 10-year Plan Summary Page
  • a Skills-Based Education Plan
For an overview of each, watch these short videos:

Why a 10-year Plan?
Why a 10-Year Plan?
  What is a Skills-based education plan and why is this progressive model important in today's workforce?
What is a Skills-Based Education Plan and why is this
progressive model important in today’s workforce?
Getting Started

If you haven’t already done so, watch the 90-minute webinar Start-Up Strategies by author Mindy Bingham. This will save you hours of work and help you envision and create a course that can transform the lives of your students.

Start-up Strategies by Mindy Bingham

Also, download a copy of the Quick Start Checklist found in the sidebar. This roadmap takes the guesswork out of your planning and implementation and will help you efficiently develop an in-depth comprehensive guidance course that both you and your students will enjoy.
Your course materials:
Career Choices and Changes and My10yearPlan.com Interactive
Career Choices and Changes ONLINE Student Edition

Because both options are built on the learning management system of My10yearPlan.com®, with your permission, students can either choose the printed Career Choices and Changes workbook/online My10yearPlan.com® combination or the totally online option. Grading of either curriculum option is seamless, so it won’t matter to you which one they choose.

Once students complete their online 10-year Educational and Career Plan, they have the option of downloading this app to share with advisors, mentors, friends, and family.

Online Learning Opportunities

The Career Choices and Changes curriculum tools easily and seamlessly support the following strategies:
  • the flipped classroom model where students read and complete their online work prior to attending class
  • the totally online course in a distance learning format
  • a mixture of both—some students attend class while others learn remotely, for instance, in the Hyflex model necessary during social distancing requirements

While the online work is intuitive for students, you’ll want to watch the following videos for tips on how to get the most out of this tool. This online tool allows you to stay connected to your students throughout your course.

Planning and Implementing Your Course

The Instructor's Guide E-Book is available in the sidebar. In particular, you’ll want to review Section 4 - Lesson Plan Suggestions for Each Activity. This online instructor’s guide has all you need to deliver engaging and motivating lessons.

If you prefer a print version of an Instructor's Guide, a comprehensive version for both secondary and post-secondary educators is available. Call us at (800) 967-8016 to order a copy.

Instructional TIPS

By using some of the instructional strategies suggested in these videos, you’ll keep your discussions and projects energizing while at the same time teaching important skills valued in the workforce. Whether you are meeting in a traditional classroom setting or together on an online meeting platform such as Zoom, you’ll find strategies that will enhance your work with your students.

Grading and Assessment

The recommended artifact to grade as the Final Exam is the 10-Year Plan Summary Page. This is the culmination of the work your students have done throughout the course. Watch these short videos for the information you need to efficiently and easily do this.

If you decide to grade all or just certain activities completed throughout the course, My10yearPlan.com® makes this efficient.

The course material is divided up in such a way that using your students’ portfolio sections as their authentic assessment of work done to date is a good strategy, particularly if this is a distance-learning course.

If your students are not online or are not using My10yearPlan.com®, here are some other strategies for your Final Exam:

Videos to Share with Your Peers

Share these short videos at your next department meeting or as links in emails with team members.

Helping students become self-directed learners is why the Career Choices and Changes pedagogy is designed the way it is. This ethos should be an outcome of your course. See pages 2 and 3 in Career Choices and Changes for details.