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Career Choices/Get Focused
Featured Resources for Career Choices Series
also known as "Get Focused"

You’ll want to explore the dropdown links across the top of the page for the variety of resources found throughout the Teachers Lounge. In particular visit:

LockThe Quick Start Study Guides for self-paced professional development

LockGetting Started Packet of Pacing Guides, Pre and Post surveys, and chapter enhancement resources

LockPacing Guides and Lesson Plans for a variety of courses with different timelines

Checkmark Online Class Agendas detail step–by–step class sessions and ideal for remote learning

CheckmarkOnline Learning Resources if you class plans include remote learning

LockTIPS from Master Teachers webinars rich with ideas and insight

CheckmarkProfessional Development Resources for a variety of options both online and face-to-face

LockTeacher Resource Cupboard for class enhancements and resources

LockTeaching Strategies for Each Chapter

For preview access call (800) 967-8016.

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