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School Site Licensing for the Teachers' Lounge

This curriculum and professional development resource is only available to schools currently using the Career Choices materials in the classroom.

Basic Membership

Basic membership is complimentary for all schools that have adopted the Career Choices series curriculum and have a qualifying order within the year. To get your log in credentials call (800) 967-8016.

Premium Membership

An annual license for Premium Access to the Teachers Lounge is only $229. This includes the Quick Start Study Guides, The Teachers Resource Cupboard and the archived webinars of classroom TIPS by master teachers.

Premium membership is also included in the Professional Development Premium Bundle, your all inclusive online professional development resource for your whole school.

How does it work? When an adopt size order for the year is received, then a school’s log in credentials are sent the person designated in our records at the lead person for the campus. This is to be shared with all on campus. Then using their school’s credential, each educator on campus can set up their own ID and Password.

Please call (800) 967-8016 for more information or to arrange for access.